Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7th, 2012

So it has been about a week of trying to become more like Elrond from The Lord of the Rings while still acting as Sam for my personal Frodo. A bit of a slow start, but some small steps towards the goal were made. I have been studying more about the Tarot. I was in high Elrond mode when helping a friend sort through some family type situations and I checked out some books about writing. Have also been giving a lot of thought to clarity, as evidenced by the clarity spells and rituals posted this week. Unfortunately have not followed through on any of them but........I will as soon as I can steal a few moments to look through my stuf and find what I need to do them. The performance of those spells/rituals are on the 'to do' list for the week to come. Along with continuing to increasing my working knowledge of the Tarot. Along with that I am trying to determine if along with the reading I do actual readings. By which I mean that along with the reading about the meanings / symbolism of the cards to do an actual reading everyday to start feeling more comfortable with the cards and hopefully make a greater mental impression of meaning. What do you all think? Any suggestions on my quest to become more Elrond like? Wishing everyone a blessed week. So Mote it Be.