Monday, January 30, 2012

Release Ritual

You will need to set aside several hours to do this, preferably on a
Friday evening, when the moon is waning. Switch off the phone and make
sure you will not be disturbed. If you are with friends, sit quietly in a
circle to create a sacred space that you will all enjoy.

Light a pink candle, one for each person present, and some incense. Look
at the piece of paper on which you have listed your doubts and fears. Do
you need to add to it? Be honest with yourself. As each feeling
surfaces, give it a color. For instance, if you feel sadness give it a
brown or black color; If you are feeling intense rage, give it a bright
red slash. Then write beside the colors all the experiences and people
that it represents. Share your feelings out loud with those who are with
you. When you have finished, complete the evening by joining hands
together. Put all your fears and doubts into the center of the circle by
saying them out loud, and then imagine them being transformed by the beams
of love from the universe. Keep your paper with you for three days and
three nights. Read and reread it, adding to it whenever you feel it is
necessary. On the third night, which will be Monday, the moon's day, set
up your altar to create a sacred space. This is a very powerful ceremony
and again, you may need a couple of hours in which to perform it,
especially if you are with friends.

Light the candles and incense, and sit quietly for a few minutes. For the
final time, read your list, and allow the color of each negative thought
to come into your mind's eye. Gently release them as you breathe each one
out of your body. Then call each person who has been a negative influence
in your life into your mind's eye and release them, by saying out loud an
incantation along the following lines:

, I unconditionally forgive you for all the hurt you have
caused me and I release you from my life. Thank you for the lesson, but
it is time to move on. From this day on, I draw only positive and
supportive relationships to me.

Keep saying the above until you feel you have really forgiven all those
who have caused you hurt in the past. Now you are ready to burn your
list. Light it carefully with the candle flame, place it in a heatproof
dish, and watch it turn to ash. As you do so, say the following

Burn, burn
All those thoughts that churn
That stop my love from becoming alive

Then take the ash outside and either scatter it into the night air or bury
it in the ground saying:

Go, dark thoughts
Scatter far and wide
Into the night
Be thou gone
So mote it be.

Return to the altar and give yourself time to reflect on the magnitude of
what you have done. It is hard for someone to have a healthy, loving
relationship with you unless you love and respect yourself, so be proud of
who you are and learn to regognize that every relationship in your life is
a reflection of your own level of self love. Those who open their hearts
to learn forgiveness of themselves and others, break free to draw in a
higher conscious level of relationship.

Allow the candles to burn themselves out completely. The spell for
letting go is complete.