Saturday, January 21, 2012

A New Moon Invocation/Prayer

Goddess of our mothers, our foremothers and our selves,
The Moon is new and we are new within her.
Together with the moon we make beginnings,
Set goals and lay the roots for our achievements
To fulfill when the time and moon grow full.

We are women of peace
Attaining our goals in peaceful ways.
What we ask for benefits us and benefits the earth and all.
We accept the challenge of manifesting our dreams.
We accept the responsibility for our choices.

We are careful what we ask for,
Knowing it may happen;
We are careful what we ask for,
That we violate no one's free will.

We have the awareness of women
And the power of women;
We are each the Goddess and the changing moon.

With the New Moon we begin and plant our dreams, And watch them grow and ripen.
As we will it, so it is.

We are the New Moon.
We are Goddess.
We are the changing world.