Sunday, January 15, 2012

Herbs and Magickal Correspondences

Allspice - Money, luck, physical energy
Aloe - Protection, luck
Amber - Love, comfort, happiness
Angelica - Exorcism, protection, healing
Anise - Increase psychic strength
Apple Blossom - Peace, success
Apple - Happiness, comfort, healing
Basil - Love, exorcism, protection
Bay Purification - Protection, healing, psychic powers
Bayberry - Protection, strength
Benzoin - Purification, prosperity, psychic ability
Bergamot - Money, uplifting
Blueberry - Help with emotions
Camphor - Lunar works, purity
Cardamom - Gaining courage, love
Carnation - Protection, strength, healing
Cedarwood - Healing, purification, spirituality
Chamomile - Money, sleep, purification
Cherry - Love, spells, divination
Chocolate - Peace, harmony
Cinnamon - Purifying, stimulation, money
Citronella - Cleansing, guarding
Clove - Stimulating, memory, purification
Coconut - Protection, chastity, peace
Copal - Love, purification, cleansing
Coriander - Love, health, healing
Cranberry - Uplifting, love
Cumin - Protection, fidelity, exorcism
Cypress - Comfort, healing, protection
Dill - Money, lust, luck
Dragons Blood - Love, protection, binding
Eucalyptus - Healing, purification
Fern - Banish evil
Frankincense - Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality
French Vanilla - Love, Psychic abilities
Gardenia - Love, peace, healing
Garlic - Protection, healing, exorcism
Geranium - Power in rituals
Ginger - Love, money, success
Heliotrope - Psychic power, attract wealth
Hollyberry - Protection, purify space
Honeysuckle - Money, psychic power
Honeydew - Protection, increase
Hyacinth - Good luck, love, spirit
Jasmine - Love, money, dreams
Juniper - Calming, protection, healing
Lavender - Cleansing, healing, love
Lemon - Psychic/mental clarity, love
Lemon Grass - Psychic/mental clarity
Lilac - Warding off, soothing
Lily - Protection, peace
Lily of the Valley - Peace/comfort, memory
Lime - Energy, fidelity/loyalty
Lotus - Spirituality, healing, meditation
Magnolia - Harmony, psychic awareness, peace
Marigold - Protection, legal matters, psychic powers
Marjoram - Protection, love, happiness
Mint - Money, love, lust
Mugwort - Strength, protection, healing
Mulberry - Powerful protection, strength
Musk - Prosperity, courage, purification
Myrrh - Meditation, healing, protection
Myrtle - Love, money, venus
Narcissus - Grounding, sleep
Nutmeg - Love, luck, money
Orange Blossom - Attracting proposals
Opium - Sexual attraction
Parsley - Love, protection, purification
Patchouli - Mastery, growth, love
Peach - Positive thoughts, harmony
Pennyroyal - Purifying
Peppermint - Energy, mental stimulant
Pine - Grounding, strength, cleansing
Raspberry - Protection, spirituality
Rose - Love, house blessing, fertility
Rosemary - Remembrance, healing, sleep
Saffron - Love, healing, happiness
Sage - Healing, spirituality
Sandalwood - Protection, spirituality, healing
Sweet Clover - Faithfulness, protection
Strawberry - Love, luck
Sweet Pea - Attraction, friendship, strength
Tangerine - Uplifting, energy, strength
Tea Tree - Harmony, cleansing
Thyme - Healing, protection, sleep
Tuberose - Sensuality, serenity, calming
Turmeric Purification
Vanilla - Lust, mental powers
Violet - Wisdom, luck, love
Watermelon - Joy, revitalising, spirits
Ylang Ylang - Euphoria, harmony, love

Important Herbal Warnings

Under NO circumstances should you use ANY of the following herbs if you are pregnant. These herbs can be extremely dangerous to an unborn child. Please seek professional medical advice before using the following:

Angelica, Belladonna, Burdock, Chaparral
Cinnamon essential oil, Comfrey
Cow Parsnip, Datura, Germander
Hellebore, Hemlock, Henbane
Hyssop, Immortal, Lobelia
Mistletoe, Motherwort, Pennyroyal
Peony, Rue, Thyme oil
Vervain, Wood Betony, Wormwood
Yarrow, Yerba