Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Spell for Clarity

Sometimes in the midst of a situation, our emotions take over and we cannot make good decisions. To rediscover your mental clarity, gather together cinnamon incense for good luck, clarity, and communication; a bowl of water; a white candle; and a small black candle. Light the cinnamon incense and breathe in its spicy smell. Hold the bowl of water and pour all of your emotions into it. Let your feelings flow. Light the black candle so the light is reflected into the bowl and say, “Banish the bad, the ugly, and the distracting,” three times. Then light the white candle on the opposite side of the bowl and say, “In this light all good remain,” three times. Breathe deeply until all the negativity flows into the black candle. Let it burn completely away. Pour the water out into Mother Earth and bury the remains of the black candle there. Keep the white candle and burn it when you need clear thinking. When the white candle is nearly gone, transfer the good feelings into another candle.

Spell written by Gail Wood