Thursday, January 26, 2012

Self Love/Worth Spell

Things You'll Need:
White candle
Pink candle
Pink flower of any kind
Vase filled with water
2 halves of a fig (dried or fresh)

•Begin this spell on a Sunday during a waxing moon, 5 hours after the sun has set. Place all items before you in this order: white candle, vase with water (without the flower), pink candle. Place the two halves of the fig in front of the vase.

Light the candles and place the flower in the vase.

Sit in front of the candles, concentrating on the flame. Imagine yourself being surrounded by a protective light.

Take one of the fig halves in your right hand and pass it over to your left hand.

Say these words - "Stars and moon, high in the sky. Find my love, deep inside. I am kind, I am true. Let my love come shining through."

Eat the fig half that you hold in your hand. Blow out the candles.

The other half of the fig needs to stay where it is, along with the flower in the vase and the unlit candles, until the next full moon. This is an offering to the Moon Goddess. The night of the full moon, bury the uneaten fig half and flower somewhere outdoors. Put away the vase and candles.