Monday, January 2, 2012

Your Personal Cycle or Year Tarot Spread

To calculate your personal year/ current cycle card add your birth month and birth date and the current year, reduce those numbers as far as you can and use the corresponding card from the Major Arcana. This will be the Theme of your year, aspects of this card will have some lessons for you to learn from, I’m not sure what all, so that was why I developed this spread to see what to expect from this current cycle. I think whether you begin this when the year changes or at the time of your birthday is completely up to you.

=2013 2+0+1+3=6 Lovers

Layout using Cycle Card as Significator/Focus in center of spread, it should look like a wheel or circle

Personal Year/Current Cycle Spread

(First position covers or crosses the Significator)
1. What do I bring to this current cycle?

2. What is this cycles beneficial influence?

3. What blocks or oppositions need I be aware of?

4. What area of my life will be most influenced by this current cycle?

5. What do I need to learn during this cycle?

6. How can I best incorporate these lessons into my life?

7. What will be the most likely result at the end of this cycle? (other than the obvious, beginning a new one)