Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The symbolic meaning of number zero alludes to:


Primarily, the spiritual meaning of zero deals with pure potentiality. It is the point from which all other numbers spring forth. Even visually – the number zero is symbolic of the seed, womb or egg from which pure potential emerges.

Because the zero also visually resembles a circle, this is symbolic of eternity, evolution, infinity. Additionally, as with most symbols comprised or containing the circle we’re dealing with meanings of cycles, evolution, and time. Think wheels here – “what comes around goes around.”

However, due to its numerical value, the zero may also be interpreted as a void – a representation of non-existence, and sometimes death. But, again, our minds wander back to the symbolism of enternity and infinity as well as cycles and rebirth. Consequently we may say there is no real death only another phase of life.

Mayan glyphs used the “cosmic spiral” to respresent the numeral zero – they inherently knew the massiveness of mystery swirling in the pools of zero-ness.

Pythagoras, (practically the father of numerology) viewed the sign of the zero as the container for all things and the birthing place of all other values (that which preceeds must be the birth giver of all that follows). This is also the interpretation of the zero in Tarot numbers as well as other mystery school teachings.

Focus upon the zero is encouraged when we wish to be present in the moment, when we are trying to regroup our level of awareness. This is because the zero is representative of the essence of reality. It is everything and nothing at the same time.