Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Celtic Spell for Guidance

I found this on the internet, I honestly could not figure out what the name of the site was or who wrote this.

So I can not take credit for it and I don't know who to give credit it to. But I send words of thanks out to the

universe for these words.

Math, guide me with thy wisdom,

Qwyll, guide me with thy strength,

Lleu, guide me with thy inspiration,

Manawyddan, guide me with thy justice.

Rhiannon, fill me with thy fullness,

Govannon, shield me with thy shade,

Gwydion, fill me with thy grace,

For the sake of the Three Worlds and their kings.

For the One who was stolen on Beltane's Eve,

For the One who hides himself in the woods,

For the One who stood on the rim of the Cauldron,

For the sake of the Three that are One,

And that One who is lover to the Three.

So mote it be!