Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Simple Ritual for Mental Clarity

For this ritual you will need: A sky blue candle and oil of myrrh.

Take the candle and rub your third eye chakra, (between your eyes) saying:

By the power of water,

I see clearly and divinely. I ask and I seek.

My needs are met.

Anoint your throat with the oil, saying:

By the powers of air,

I mean what I say.

I say what I intend.

Dab some oil on your heart chakra (between the breastbone), and say:

By the power of fire,

I know what I desire.

I am led by the heart, which joins wisdom with love.

Anoint your midsection with the oil, and say:
By the power of earth,

I stick to my dreams.

I remain steadfast.

I understand what it takes to get me there.

So mote it be.