Sunday, January 8, 2012

Prosperity Spells: New Money for the New Year

Okay so I know it is a little late for the New Year, but that is just a date made up by monks a long time ago. Go ahead make your New Year today, right now. I'm going to do, so can you. Again though I have to apologize that I do not remember where this came from so I give thanks out into the universe to the author of this spell. Thank You.

The new year is a special time overflowing with lots of powerful magical energy. Transitions of all kind are sources of magic, and when they come only rarely, the energy they produce is even rarer. To make this spell extra powerful, you can do it not just on a regular new years, but on a decade year, or even more the turn of the century or millennium if you should be so lucky!

Magical Tools
• thin slice of horseradish
• One bill of paper money
• One coin (if your wallet has a coin pocket)

Magical Spell
On the first day of the new year, place a thin slice of horseradish in your wallet. Keep it your wallet for the entire year. At the end of the year, take the old piece out AFTER you have put a new slice in. Throw the old piece out of the back door. Put the paper bill, and the coin if using in your wallet as well. Do not spend this money, but keep it so that it always attracts more.

Carry the horseradish in your wallet all year. If you change wallets for any reason, be sure to transfer the root to the new wallet.

If you give a wallet as a gift to someone, always make sure that it has a paper bill and a slice of horseradish root in it. Giving an empty wallet is an anti-charm that forebodes poverty for the person receiving the wallet.