Sunday, January 15, 2012

Herbology Defnitions

Alterative - Producing a healthful change without perception
Anodyne - Relieves pain
Anthelmintic - A medicine that expels worms
Aperient - Gently laxative without purging
Aromatic - A stimulant, spicy
Astringent - Causes contraction and arrests discharges
Antibilious - Acts on the bile, relieving bilousness
Antiemetic - Stops vomiting
Antileptic - Relieves siesures
Antiperiodic - Arrests morbid periodic movements
Anthilic - Prevents formation of stones in urinary organs
Antirheumatic - Relieves rheumatism
Antiscorbutic - Cures or prevents scurvy
Antiseptic - aims at stopping putrification
Antispasmodic - Relieves or prevents spasms
Antisyphilitic - Having affect or curing STD
Carminative - Expels gas in the bowels
Carthatic - Evacuating from the bowels
Cephalic - Remedies used in diseases of the head
Cholagogue - Increases flow of bile
Condiment - Improves flavor of food
Demulcent - Soothing, relieves inflammation
Deobstruent - Removes obstruction
Depurative - Purifies the blood
Detergent - Cleansing to boils, ulcers, wounds etc
Diaphoretic - Produces perspiration
Discutient - Dissolves and heals tumors
Diuretic - Increases flow of urine
Emetic - Produces vomiting
Emmenagogue - Promotes menstruation
Emollient - Softens and soothes inflamation
Esculent - Eatable as food
Expectorant - Facilitates espectoration
Febrifuge - Abates and reduces fever
Hepatic - For diseases of the liver
Herpatic - Remedy for skin diseases of all types
Laxative - Promotes bowel action
Lithontryptic - Dissolves calculi in urinary organs
Maturating - Ripens or brings boils to a head
Mucilaginous - Soothing to all inflammations
Nauseant - Produces vomiting
Nervine - Acts specifically on nervous system, stops nervous excitment
Opthalmicum - For eye diseases
Parturient - Induces and promotes labor at childbirth
Pectoral - For chest infections
Refrigerant - Cooling
Resolvent - Dissolves boils and tumors
Rubifacient - Increases circulation and produces red skin
Sedative - Nerve tonic, promotes sleep
Sialogogue - Increases secretion of saliva
Stomachic - Strengthen stomach, relieves indigestion
Styptic - Stops bleeding
Sudorfic - Produces profuse perspiration
Tonic - Remedy which is invigorating and strengthing
Vermifuge - Expels worms from the system