Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2nd, 2012: A Look Ahead.

So today I did a Personal Cycle spread with my Thoth Tarot Cards. I sleep with these cards under my pillow, I only use them for my own personal readings and never for any one else. After a confused start, dropping the cards etc, they seemed to right themselves in an amazing way. Part of the Personal Cycle spread entails you finding your 'significator' card, mine ended up being the first one at the top of the deck. I took this as an omen and used the cards that followed with no further shuffling of the deck. A recurring theme in the cards was clarity. A subject much on my mind lately. So I went looking for a spell for clarity and again in an amazing coincidence the first search option was for a spell on Gypsy Magic a blog produced by my dear friend Shirley Twofeathers. Here is a link to the spell: I plan on doing this on the next new moon and will be reporting on how it felt afterwards.

I have decided also to turn my time to strengthening my understanding of the Tarot and increasing my knowledge of herbs. Blessings to all, So Mote it Be.