Sunday, January 8, 2012

Magickal Properties of Coloured Stones

The Magical Properties of Red :

Red gemstones are projective and receptive.

Red is the color of Life - Birth - Death

In India, red is the color of the first chakra of the seven energy centers that control the body and spiritual nature of man.

Red stones are #1 on the hierarchy of stones as they represent the emotions and life itself.

The heart is red, as is the blood it pumps, it nourishes every cell in the body.

Ruby is the #1 selling colored stone in the world and large quality rubies are extremely expensive.

Red gemstones promote courage and are used to lend energy to the mind and body. They can be used as a focus stone to send telepathic messages to others.

In olden times, they were used to start the fires of passion in a friend or mate (sexual fire).

Red gemstones were also worn to guard against the loss of blood in battle and to protect one from fire and lightning. Ancient healing practices used red stones to link with blood disorders - curing such problems as bleeding, rashes, inflammations, miscarriages, violence, wounds, and sexual dysfunctions.

Some red gemstone are: ruby, rubelite, spinel, red tourmaline, blood stone, and pink tourmaline.

The Magical Properties of Pink:

Pink gemstones are the love stones, and are associated with the mouth and sexual organs. They are calming, soothing, and relaxing stones—Both in mind and body.

Pink gemstones are used to attract and strengthen love. They can be worn to increase love for one's self or others.

Pink gemstones have all the attributes of the red stone, but in a gentler more peaceful and harmonious way.

Pink stones encourage openness in ourselves and others.

They are worn to and for romantic settings and to increase the amount of subtle sexual vibrations.

Pink shows others we have the fire, but it's a gentle fire, full of life harmony.

Some pink gemstones are: pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, pink quartz, pink diamonds, pink spinel, pink garnet, kunzite, and pink cubic zirconia.

The Magical Properties of Orange:

The color orange is a projective color, as all art and creative activity is for the enjoyment and pleasure of others.

Orange gemstones are much rarer than the other colors.

The color orange stands for creativeness.

In India, orange stands for the second energy chakra.

The orange stone has a portion of the power of red stones, but is more a creative subtle fire. They are used to promote creative illumination. They are related to your personal creative powers.

Wearing one of these orange stones will enhance your ability to tap in and direct your creative powers.

All orange stones are rare and hard to come by. There are more top quality artists in the world than orange gemstones (real gemstones, not synthetic).

Some orange gemstones are: orange sapphire, orange garnet, orange quartz, orange tourmaline, orange amber, and orange calcite.

The Magical Properties of Yellow:
Yellow gemstones are projective, ruled by the planet Mercury.

In India, it is the color of the 3rd energy chakra.

The color yellow stands for intelligence and is ruled by the sun and air elements.

Yellow stones can be used to increase understanding and increase intelligence.

They are used in magical or mystical meditations to increase visualization powers and astral-projective powers.

Mystically inclined speakers and spellbinders use yellow stones mounted in gold to bind their audiences minds to their words and projected allusions.

Yellow stones have the power of movement outward, the easing of the exchange of ideas and thoughts between people.

The wearing of yellow stones is thought to increase telepathic and astral-travel abilities.

Many people believe that wearing yellow gems increases their intuitive powers and, in this way, are also protective.

Some yellow gemstones are: yellow sapphire (thought to be the most powerful), citrine, yellow diamond, yellow garnet, yellow tourmaline, amber and tigereye

The Magical Properties of Green:

Green gemstones have always been the color of earth’s second kingdom (plant life) the color of nature, of fertility, of life sustaining vegetable spirits.

Green has long been connected to red... the green life of plants and the blood red life of animals. Christmas shows this as green and red symbols (Santa is red—the tree is green) the connection of man and plant. Both color connections have long been used in mystical and magical performances and rituals.

Green stones are receptive and are worn by many from days of old to draw the tree and plant energies to themselves.

Green gems are thought to strengthen the eyes, control kidney and bladder functions, control digestion problems and prevent headaches.

Many believe that wearing a green gemstone will promote conception.

It is said that The Goddess Isis wore a large green emerald on her headband, and all that looked on this emerald would be able to conceive. (Isis was the earth mother goddess of the Egyptians).

In India the color green is the 4th energy Chakra (the heart). So, in our heart lays the 2nd kingdom of nature.

Green is the color of wisdom.

Green stones worn, are said to promote receptiveness to the wisdom of nature.

A green stone on a gold necklace worn near the heart is the outward display of being in touch with your personal spirit and earth nature spirits. Their associations with the elements of earth, also lead to their use in meditations and spells involving money, prosperity, riches, and luck.

Many wealthy women wear large emeralds surrounded by diamonds on gold chains near their hearts. .

Green gemstones are grounding stones, energy balancing gemstones which can be worn to attune one with the earth and the plant nature spirits.

The Magical Properties of Blue:
Blue gemstones are the color of the Oceans that cover 70% of the earth, the color of mystical sleep and of deep twilight.

They are ruled by the element water and the planet Neptune and the god Neptune (who is the symbol of the deep subjective psyche in man, the creator of our nightly dreams).

In India, it is the 5th energy Chakra (the throat Chakra).

Blue gems are receptive and promote peace and understanding.

The color blue denotes loyalty to ones country, friends, and loved ones. To give a blue gemstone to a person symbolically means that you are giving peace, good will, and friendship.

Many people who want a restful and a peaceful night sleep will put a blue sapphire pendant on before going to bed at night, or wear one during the day to keep a peaceful heart.

Holding a blue gemstone or gazing at one in soft candle light for 10 or 15 minutes will calm upset emotions.

Wearing one to bed at night is said to stop recurring nightmares and bad dreams.

In the ancient days, blue sapphires or aquamarines were rubbed on wounds to stop the bleeding or inflammation and were also rubbed on the body to reduce pain.

In mystical or magical rituals, or the casting of spells, blue sapphires are used to purify and clean the body and mind before starting the ritual.

While bathing or showering, they can be used to remove any unwanted emotions or anger.

Blue gems can also be used for balancing the energies in one's self or others.

Some blue gems are: blue sapphires, tanzanite, blue spinel, blue opal, blue tourmaline, blue quartz, chrysacola, blue topaz (all blue topaz is radiated by atomic particles to turn it blue and should not be used as it is not natural and releases unwanted energies in the body).

The Magical Properties of Purple:

Purple gemstones and purple-indigo-colored gems are the colors of royalty and psychism.

They are the magical stones used to open the third eye.

They have been long used by mystics and to create psychic powers.

In India, purple is the symbol of the 6th Chakra. The center of the forehead is colored with indigo-purple to represent this energy center. Meditation on this center moves energies from the bottom (1st chakra) to the crown chakra (pineal gland) called the diamond center or spirit escape center (at the top of the head).

Wearing purple gemstones (other than a birthstone) shows those who are enlightened in the use of gemstone powers, that you to also possess the understanding.

The quartz amethyst is the best purple gemstone to wear for deep meditation, psychic projection (known as astral travel) or during any personal ritual designed to contact the super conscious, or the overmind (in biblical terms, this 6th purple energy center is the first step on Jacob’s Ladder whose 12 steps take you into your own super spiritual angel mind

The Magical Properties of White:
White gemstones are receptive and ruled by the moon. They are linked to the night, sleep, protection from disturbing dreams, walking at night alone, and psychism.

White chalcedony (moonstones) were linked to the moon goddess and used for purifying of the spirit. It was said that priestess and nuns wore them for maintaining chastity and for healing the sick during the dark ages.

In America, moonstones are considered to be lucky stones and are worn to bring good luck to the wearer.

The ancients wrote that rubbing white chalcedony (moonstones) on the temples took away headaches and cleared ones thinking. Also, rubbing white chalcedony on the breast of mothers who were having problem lactating enough milk for their babies and was said to help the flow of milk.

Some white gemstones are: moonstones, white chalcedony, white opal, white sapphire, and white quartz

The Magical Properties of Black:
Black stones are receptive, ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of restriction. They represent the Earth and are symbolic of quiet power, self-control and resilience. They can be used as tools for grounding to Earth energies.

Mystically, black is the color of night, outer space, or symbolically that the person understands and accepts their dark side and is comfortable wearing the symbol outwardly. In other words, they understand they have a dark side and know they have gained control of it.

Black star sapphires (6 sided star) or black star diopsite (4 sided star) are worn by Shamans or practitioners who wish the power of light to come forth through their darkness or subconscious, when working with individuals who are trapped in their dark side or black evil moods, black gemstones, similar to black candles, when they have been lit, their light shines forth through their darkness.

Starstone's moving star is said to be the eye of the spirit inhabiting the stone, all stones are said to have their own spirit, just like people. Like the genie in the magic lamp, you have to release and request the spirit in your birthstone to do your bidding.

Some black crystals are: black quartz, black sapphires, black onyx, black diopsite, black star garnet and black opal.