Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bend Someone to Your Will Poppet

A couple of disclaimers: 1) Honestly have no idea where I found this. I apologize to whoever came up with this spell that I did not take the time to note who wrote it and where I found it. I am sorry. 2) I do not recommend trying to bend someone to your will. I think I was/am more interested in the aspects of or the idea of possibly using something like this on yourself to possibly change a habit etc....

Triple Strength Bend-Over Voodoo Doll Spell :

Bend-over spells are in a class of persuasive spells called commanding. These types of spells are designed to manipulate someone to do your bidding. They are used to subjugate the will of any person, such as a partner or employer, so that they will easily and willingly do whatever it is you want them to do.

As a general rule, the best time to do commanding type spells is on Saturday during the full or waxing moon. Of course, it is a matter of preference as to whether or not you work with moon phases, though it is generally agreed among occult practitioners that working with the moon phases can enhance your work. The dolls you create for these types of spells should be made out of brown (for court cases and legal work) or purple cloth, as these colors are often associated with spells of mastery, influence, commanding, compelling and bending to one’s will.

First, create a brown Voodoo doll or poppet. Write the name of the one you choose to have bend to your will 9 times on brown paper and attach it to the doll with a pin. Light a brown candle. Anoint the doll daily with 3 drops of Essence of Bend Over oil while stating the person’s name and exactly what you want them to do. Repeat for nine days in a row. Keep the doll wrapped in purple cloth and store it away in a place where it will not be seen or handled by others. Repeat every full moon for three months to keep the person under your influence.
Formula for Essence of BendOver Oil

Use the essential oils or essences for the ingredients listed. The dried herbs can be used in place of oil or as an adjunct to the oil.

•Calamus root essential oil
•Licorice root
•Bergamot leaf or bergamot essential oil
•High john root
Blend equal amounts of the above ingredients in an almond oil base to which a small amount of vitamin E has been added.