Monday, January 9, 2012

Healing With Borage

Borage is one of the remedies developed by the Flower Essence Society.

As a flower essence, Borage is for heavy heartedness and lack of confidence when facing challenges. The remedy is said to bring courage to the taker, providing a condition of “buoyancy of the soul”. Borage is also said to bring “lightness and ebullience to the soul, filling it with optimism and enthusiasm.”

Borage has recently been added to the homeopathic pharmacopeia. A person needing Borage (as a homeopathic medication) fears failure. They feel that it is their duty to take on all the responsibility in a given situation, resulting in resenting their role in life. Somatically this attitude can be expressed as stiffness in the joints, high blood pressure, tension headaches and flaring eczema. People needing the remedy Borage tend to be warmer than others and to feel worse in the heat.

It seems this ‘borage type’ may have a history of taking on the role of parent in their family at young age. If a parent was missing or sick they take on heavy family responsibilities such as looking after younger siblings. Since they are often not ready for this task, they may compensate for their anxiety by taking on a more exaggerated parental nature, becoming overly protective, strict and authoritarian. They are argumentative, forceful, and angry, tending to create tension and to lack flexibility. (Olsen 1997)

There is a sense that they must attend to every detail or a catastrophe will befall the family. By saving others, they are limiting the possibility that they themselves will be abandoned. Gradually they lose any playful, carefree, and spontaneous aspects, because they feel that everything has to be right. They may become very disagreeable and easily offended, resenting the choices of other people.

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