Sunday, January 29, 2012

Imbolc 2012

So Imbolc is just a few days away and I thought it might be nice to gather a few things together in preparation for it. One of the things I found on a wikipedia entry was the story of the Cailleach and how she goes out hunting for fire wood as an indication of the severity and the length of winter that is left. So if the weather is stormy she cannot gather much wood so the remainder of the winter will be short and mild. If the weather is fair she will be able to find and gather a lot of wood so remaining winter will be long and severe. Here are a few links to sites for some additional Imbolc info and rituals you may wish to try.

and of course you can always check out my friends blogs:


Was also reading in Llwellyns Spell a Day for 2012 about Imbolc being a good time to do divination work. So get out your favoite means of divination and take a look at what is ahead. May what you see be blessings in plenty for you and yours. So Mote it Be.